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United Utilities (formerly North West Water)

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United Utilities (formally North West Water) is a long standing client of APD Ltd with a large number of completed projects located all around the area of Cumbria. 

Almost every project contains a PLC which we design, write and commission software for.  Most projects usually contain some form of HMI or SCADA system which we also configure and program. 

For example, Cumwhinton Water Treatment Works contains multiple networked PLC’s (Allen Bradley & Satt) connected to a centralised SCADA system (Intellution Fix), which is responsible for supplying 80% of the drinking water to Carlisle and the surrounding area.  

Our systems control all process plant from the water intake at the River Eden to the final discharge pumps. The SCADA system is used for operator plant control and data logging of all critical and non-critical aspects.  All critical data is archived into a database for traceability in the event of water contamination or other crisis.