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System Functional Specification

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Whether your application is in process control or machine automation APD Ltd have a range of in-house expertise to cover every aspect of your plant.  This includes HV (up to 11KV) or LV electrical, digital and analogue instrumentation, hazardous area and safety integration, network architecture, SCADA / HMI, MES / ERP integration and building management.

At APD Ltd many of our customers know the end result they wish to achieve but don't have direct access to the skills to make it happen.  We can provide the consultancy services required to take a concept and turn it into a working reality with a detailed and bespoke system functional specification. This design can then either be used directly by ourselves to complete the project, or be used as a reference document by the customer to allow others to provide a quotation.

Alternatively we can interpret existing specification documents and turn the words and diagrams on the paper into a working tested productive solution.

With any project there is usually a myriad of criteria which need to be considered.  The design process typically begins with an initial onside meeting at which we:

  • build an understanding of requirements and expectations 
  • look at budget constraints
  • explore any special environmental conditions
  • judge safety implications
  • take note of any existing equipment which must be integrated into the new system
  • consider the time scale to complete the project

Our approach is always to start off with a system which will provide the core functionality whilst remaining as clean and simple as possible. This allows the customer and their operatives to gain confidence in the system and begin to appeciate the benefits.

Once the system has been in use for some time we can reveiw all areas and the customer then becomes an integral part of the ongoing design process, allowing us to achieve our goal of the system evolving into something more complex and comprehensive.