Internal Control Panel

Network Architecture & Installation

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It is now possible for almost every technological device to be connected to a shared network, either by cable or wireless means. This network is invariably TCP/IP based and the standards and protocols used have made their way into every day use within control systems.

Ten or more years ago a typical Operator Interface PC/SCADA system would have been connected by Ethernet. Now it is possible for an entire Control System including Distributed I/O, drives and instrumentation to be linked together forming one large network.

Networks have become so commonplace that they seem simple.  However, many considerations must be made to ensure that such a system fits together well. Having been involved with these systems since they started APD Ltd has developed a broad and deep knowledge allowing us to:

  • Understand how to combine devices from many different manufacturers
  • Incorporate legacy communications links and protocols
  • Ensure security and redundancy are of utmost importantance
  • Calculate the capacity and speed of the installed system to ensure integrity
  • Carry out site surveys to show the potential coverage of wireless devices
  • Identify areas where electrical noise, distance or bandwidth limitations may favour the use of fibre optic cable
  • Design and install a system capable of segregating the factory or process' network from office or corporate systems
  • Provide the best way of allowing remote access to the plant for data collection or diagnostics

Moving from the design to the installation we have a team of certified installers capable of routing copper or fibre cables, terminating, splicing and testing the completed installation.