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Industrial Photography

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These days nearly everyone has the ability to take pictures easily and use them quickly for a variety of purposes, even if it’s just via their Smart-phone. Such images can be fine for email, social media or web use, but when it comes to producing high quality ‘print ready’ images to promote your company or include in documentation, not only do you require a better camera, you may also require special lighting set-ups and professional post-processing of the image files. In an industrial setting there can also be additional issues to deal with such as restricted access, working at heights, hazardous environments and specialist techniques required to show your machine or plant off at its best.

In all honesty we don’t have a large department of people offering this industrial photography service within APD Ltd, however we can provide this service via our Technical Director who, in addition to spending his entire working life working in a large variety of factories, process plants and oil rigs is also an award winning photographer with a never ending passion to record all aspects of life through the lens.

By combining the technical know-how of how your plant works and the photographic skills/equipment required we aim to offer the following;

  • Product or component photography to show your customers your equipment at its best.
  • Imaginative images of your process, machine or employees at work.
  • Images taken in awkward, restricted, high or hazardous areas.
  • Aerial photography.