Multiple Control Panels

Control Panel Design

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Control Panel design and manufacture for use in industrial applications has been our primary focus since APD Ltd first started business in 1987. 

The technology and the components within the control panels may have changed dramatically over the years, but the principles of a strong design have not.  Our approach to control panel design is to:  

  • design the control panel around the environment it will be operating in so that it can cope with temperature, water, corrossion, dust, vibration or any other environmental conditions
  • ensure the latest electrical and safety standards are adhered to
  • conform to CE standards and, if applicable, ATEX certification
  • leverage on the latest distributed control architectures to allow for simplified design and manufacture whilst providing more 'intelligent' systems
  • ensure the system is designed to be as 'future-proof' as possible
  • use standard proven designs and components
  • strike the best balance possible between all of the above whilst remaining cost-effective

With over 25 years experience of control panel design, building cabinets for almost every industry sector and having worked around the world, APD Ltd have generated a huge library of reference designs.

Our in-house Job Management System, 'Ornavi', allows us to provide 100% traceability on every part used since 1999 and to calculate the precise cost of building each control panel, meaning our pricing is always keen.