Blue water pump


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Many of Cumbria and Southern Scotland's waste and water treatment plants are controlled by systems designed and built by APD Ltd, and the utility and renewables sectors have always been an important specialism for our company.

Whilst engineering priciples remain the same across industry sectors, the language, terminology and challenges faced can be different.

Utility and renewables companies have many remote and unmanned sites, so it is important that all the quipment supplied for these systems is both reliable and able to react to events such as sudden changes in weather conditions or recovery from power outages without human intervention.

Long control loop reaction times and remote data collection / telemetry monitoring are also prominent considerations in this industry.

Typical utility and renewables application expamples include:

  • Aeration control of untreated storm water and sewage
  • Plant-wide SCADA
  • Filter back-washing
  • Chlorine and other chemical dosing control
  • Large motor control centres, both Form 1 and Form 4
  • Tidal out-flow control