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Other Manufacturing & Engineering

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With over a quarter of a century working in a relatively niche market place it is inevitable that we will have come across many factories and processes which are not directly related to the other industry sectors.

One of the key strengths of APD Ltd is that we are never afraid of a challenge.  As a result we have been involved with many complex, strange, innovative and exciting projects over the years.

Many of these involve hours of R&D type work for our customers, whilst others involve complex automation in areas where no one would expect such a thing to exist.

Some highlights from this area are

  • Automated laundry to handle all the garments from participants and officials at the Sydney Olympic Games
  • Processing of drilling mud used in the oil and gas industry to recover inert dust, oil, water and gas from the mud
  • Test rigs to monitor every aspect of toothed power transmission belts unsed in the automotive and other industries
  • Automated sorting systems to arrange 1000's of mixed up garments back into order after cleaning
  • Production systems for recycling plastic pellets
  • Non-contact measuring system to calculate the thickness of 100 tonne slabs of red-hot steel
  • Control of 'Mine-shaft Winder' capable of moving 60 tonnes at 60mph