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Oil and Gas

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The oil and gas sector is one of the most exciting and challenging industries that APD Ltd operate in.

To compete in this market our systems must be of the highest quality, our staff must work to strict proven standards and our company must be able to offer a wealth of new and innovative ideas. One of our founding Directors has a background in the oil and gas industry and as a company we have maintained excellent links with this important sector.

The oil and gas industry is becoming ever more dymanic and innovative in its approach.  New sub-sea technologies mean that previously small inaccessable and un-profitable fields can be opened up for production, both in the North Sea and in many other areas of the world.

Traditionally companies operating in this industry have prefered equipment from sector-specific vendors, very often priced at a premium compared to similar equipment used in other industries. However APD customers in this sector benefit from our broad experience across multiple industries.  We recognise that non-sector specific components and approaches are equal to or, often, better at providing a solution, which results in lower costs for our clients and greater availability of parts.  

We have a growing team of engineers and technicians fully qualified to work in the offshore / marine sector in the UK and overseas, and we have worked with a number of exploration, production and service companies.

Recent work has included the development of control systems and software for a new breed of sub-sea production and well intervention systems, providing our customers with a complete package of design, build, software, documentation and commissioning.