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Food and Beverage

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The food and beverage sector has been a core industry sector for APD Ltd since the very beginning.  Our clients in this sector tend to be UK based, and we have covered the length and breadth of the country designing, building, installing and commissioning systems for major manufacturers.

Working in this industry requires a specific set of skills, knowledge and training to understand and comply with legislation and standards relevant to food or drink production.  Our team of food and drink engineers and technicians undertake extensive training to ensure they are fully certified to current industry standards, including participation in the 'Food Passport' scheme.

Previous food and drink sector work has included:

  • Batch and recipe control
  • Bulk handling
  • High-speed packaging and filling
  • Check-weighers
  • Vision inspection
  • Palletising / de-palletising
  • Mixer, moulder and oven control
  • Labelling and batch code printing
  • Real-time product colour, height, shape and moisture monitoring