Car manufacturing line with sparks


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Efficiency, quality assurance, innovation and cost-effectiveness are the key drivers within the automotive industry. Since these are our core values it is not surprising that the automotive industry is an important sector for Amber Programmable Design. 

The UK has a disproportionately large automotive industry, including car building plants as well as the many component suppliers to these factories. Automation has transformed the tardy reputation of the 1970s UK car industry to that of 'World Class Manufacturing' and APD has played its part in this transformation.

APD has designed, built, programmed and installed dozens of systems for numerous large manufacturers operating in this sector in the UK.  These companys continually strive for improvents to eek out the most efficient processes - thereby increasing through-put, reducing waste and energy usage and improving quality. To achieve this automotive industry clients are very willing to try new technologies to ensure they remain at the cutting edge.  We are willing partners in this quest.

Areas of activity in the automotive sectore have included:

  • Body style identification and tracking
  • Automated paint spraying and sealing
  • Injection moulding
  • Interfacing robots to production line systems
  • High-speed, high tonnage automated press systems
  • HV factory-wide power distribution & automatic load shedding
  • OEE and downtime monitoring
  • Paint booth and curing oven control