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The Cycle for Sam express rolled into Carlisle train station on Sunday night after a gruelling 483.5 miles over 4 days! Here is a synopsis of the challenge from Jim Main, our Technical Director, who took part at the weekend. The picture is also collated from data on Jim's Garmin device for the whole of the event.


Days 1 and 2 were okay from a weather point of view, it stayed dry and the wind was either in our side or giving us a push along.

Day 3 was hilly, wet with a strong headwind and felt more like March than July!

Day 4 was sunny but with a 25-30mph headwind for the first 100 miles and with the hills it was an absolute grind but we made it.


The camaraderie & craic between the team kept us all going but we couldn’t have done it without the tremendous support from the backup team and all the people we met along the route so I thank them all. I also thank our invisible little team mate who was the one who inspired us all to get off our backsides and do this in his name so Sam, thank you too.


Now, I’ve done my bit and I know a few of you have already donated (many thanks if you have) but go on, please spare a few moments to check out the pages below and if you can spare a few quid to help get us to our target then you’re a star and my sore backside will have been worth it! As I type this the total stands at £35,385, or 88% of our target of £40K so please, every little helps.


The cycle For Sam page is at and the Just Giving page is at

What an amazing effort from everyone who took part!