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Environmental Policy

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Amber Programmable Design Ltd (APD Ltd) design, manufacture, integrate and install industrial automation and process control systems for use in industries such as nuclear, oil and gas, food and beverage, automotive, pharmaceutical and renewable.  

APD Ltd is an SME with around 30 employees, based in Annan and with a satellite office in Aberdeen.  The Annan site consists of two workshops and departmental offices.

APD aim to be recognised as the market leader in our industry, with a steady annual growth rate and a proportionate increase in our customer base, providing a secure, challenging and interesting environment for our employees through continual development of their skills and knowledge. 

The major effects on the Environment from the Company’s operations are Emissions to Air and Use of Natural Resources.  This is partly from the disposal of waste, but mainly from use of Vehicles and providing heat/light to workshops and offices.

We recognise the current environmental concerns and need to manage our impact on the environment.  We are committed to ensure that the environmental impacts of our activities are minimised and in order to do this we will:-

  • Ensure that employees work in a manner that protects the environment.  We will continue to raise the awareness of all our employees on their responsibility to, and effects of, their actions on the environment by training and discussion.
  • Commit to the Protection of the Environment and implement environmental requirements into our operations so that pollution is prevented.
  • Commit to continual environmental improvement in all areas of potential environmental impact through improved procedures and operations.
  • Commit to continual environmental improvement through a programme of objectives.
  • Comply with all relevant legal, statutory and regulatory requirements, now and in the future, associated with our activities, including customer expectations made known to us. 
  • Undertake environmental audits of our facilities to identify our environmental strengths and weaknesses and identify actions to improve our environmental performance. 
  • Undertake checks to ensure externally provided services and contractors are certificated.

In particular we commit to protect the environment by achieving the following:-

  • Maintaining reduction in consumption of energy and other natural resources and maximise the efficiency with which they are used, especially with regard to heat/light and transportation.
  • Continuing to improve and encourage use of our waste recycling programme initiative for paper, packaging, metal cans, plastics and glass.

To achieve these goals we operate a management system to instruct, control and monitor the Company’s operations in order to achieve our environmental objectives complying with the requirements of ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems.